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J&M Products recognizes the unique challenges customers face when outsourcing Wire Harness, Sub Assemblies and Box Builds.

Normal Customer concerns:
  • Our documentation doesn’t always reflect the current state of the manufactured product.
  • Engineering resources are often too thin to update specifications accordingly.
  • Since we’ve been building in house what do we do with our residual inventory?
  • How do we convey to J&M what our requirements are?
J&M Products, with over 50 years of manufacturing experience, assists companies in addressing these challenges. Working from your product documentation or sample, our engineering staff will determine the manufacturability using the information provided. We will then make recommendations, if needed to update or create drawings to facilitate a smooth transition to our manufacturing facility.

J&M can tailor a plan to incorporate any residual inventory that you may have as a result from building in-house.

Our engineering staff can also help to develop a Statement of Work. The SOW will provide details on how the work is to be performed. This includes specifications, requirements, standards and workflow. Quality control processes and measures are included plus all items that affect the work to be done.
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J&M is a highly competent manufacturer that can create a reliable, cost effective solution to complement your outsourcing strategy.
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