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JM Products Line Support Clamps

Line Support Clamps & Brackets

J&M Products Line Support Clamps and Brackets are selected by major aerospace, transportation and industrial equipment manufacturers for use in widely varying applications including exposure to hydraulic, fuel, pneumatic and electrical systems.
JM Products Line Clamp
JM Products Line Support Clamp
Line clamps are available with or without cushion materials; clamps with cushion materials are typically utilized for vibration intense conditions.

J&M Products utilize a wide variety of specialized elastomer cushion materials for use in extreme environments, such as exposure to fuel and hydraulic fluids with temperature fluctuations from 500°F. to -20°F.
Reliable, proven, off the shelf standard MS, NAS, AN and J&M Part numbers, or custom designed to the specific application, J&M clamps provide fast economical methods of installing wire harnesses, hydraulic lines, or a variety of other applications.

J&M line clamps are utilized by virtually every aircraft manufacturer and defense contractor. Heavy duty trucking, Space and Marine applications are also part of our product line.
Line Support Clamp Installation
JM Products Line Support Clamp
J&M can customize any required mounting brackets where vibration or loads would exceed clamp, component design limits, or if compound angles are required. Brackets can include the installation of secondary fastening devices as required.

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Products / Major Part Number Series:
  • AS21919 / MS21919
  • AS4149
  • JMBR
  • NAS1677
  • NAS1711
  • NAS1712
  • NAS1713
  • NAS1714
  • NAS1715
  • NAS1716
  • AN735
  • AN742
  • M85052
  • JM44LB1 / JM44LC / JM54LC
  • JM44CB1 / JM44CC
  • JM44MB1 / JM44MC
  • JM44RB1 / JM44RC
  • JM44SB1 / JM44SC
  • JM44LC28 / JM44LC33
  • MS21122 / NAS1715
  • MS21315
  • MS21322
  • MS21333 / MS21334
  • MS122900
  • ...and many more, contact us for more information
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